Our Care

Zest Care Homes aim to provide the highest standards of individualised care to all of our residents in a clean, safe and friendly environment.  Everyone is encouraged to take part in any group activities but we understand that some residents would prefer their own space. The respect and dignity of our residents is very important to us and we aim to meet the individual needs of each person in our care.

We take pride in our staff and consider them all to play a vital role in the service we provide to each and every one of our residents.  This enables us to provide the highest standards of care in a structured and safe environment. By providing opportunities for staff to further their knowledge through training programmes and external study, we are confident that all residents are receiving the latest and most up to date care by an experienced team.

It is our intention to create a ‘family’ at each of our homes and to make each and every resident feel part of that family.  The qualified staff in each unit are expected to deliver personalised care with a smile and become acquainted with each individual.  We treat each resident as we would expect to be treated ourselves and understand that we are in a privileged position to be taking care of your loved one.  We encourage relatives to be involved as much as possible in the planning of care and activities, to ensure we are accurately meeting their needs.

Zest Care Homes are committed to the safety of our residents and our Bramley Court and Three Rivers homes both have the state of the art Care Protect smart CCTV system installed.  This shows our commitment to high quality care which is retrospectively reviewed by independent healthcare professionals to ensure our standards are consistently high.  The Care Protect system also gives us alerting for falls which mean in the unfortunate event a resident falls in their room they can be helped within seconds.

We are also in the process of going fully electronic in our care delivery with electronic care plans and medicine management.  This gives us greater visibility on the care of your loved one and also means that all medicine is audited by an external pharmacy.